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Kryos - I totally agree. We book a balcony cabin paying the extra to be able to enjoy sitting out in the 'fresh' air and enjoying our cruise. We have had that interferred with on several cruises because the cabin around us have smokers that smoke on the balcony. Even ashes on our balcony chairs and table.... yuck !!! At that point I would much rather have them smoking in their rooms and hope that the cruise line can elimate the smell for the next passengers (which they seem to do a really great job at).

Also the fire on the Star Princess several years ago was believed to be caused by a smoker - suspected of thowing the cigarette butt from the balcony.

Saltydog - I truly appricate considerate smokers but here is what is difficult. Smoking on elevators. What chance does a non-smoker have especially those with asthma or other lung issues. How about the guy that was smoking on the 'non smoking' side of the ship right next to the 'non-smoking' sign. When asked to go the to smoking side of the ship (by a passenger) - the response - what are they going to do through me off the cruise (becuase it was the last night of the cruise). Response - I would like to !!! There will always be rude and inconsiderate people and dealing with them is the difficulty.

It's really a persons right to enjoy smoking but it's also the rights of people that don't smoke not to be infringed on. So having areas for smoking is necessary but also having the people that smoke abide by those - willing - is necessary. When they don't then the need to take responsbility for their actions and accept the consequences.
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