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My last post on this subject (which I don't think is going to break anyone's heart lol ).

Kojack...Doctors in the majority of the third world and doctors here in the states are NOT all trained the same. Many areas of the U.S. are almost desperate for good doctors. So why don't they just recruit these doctors from third world nations, take care of their immigration details, fly them over and let them start working in local hospitals and clinics? Because they are not trained and qualified by our standards at least most of the time. A prime example is the Philippines. I'm not claiming to be an expert but my wife is from there, I've been numerous times and have had some minor (thank God) medical treatment there. Many Philippine doctors are being recruited now to come to the states to be, not doctors, but nurses! Their training abroad has qualified them to be at a nursing level in this country and MANY of them are doing it because it's 10 times or more the money they can make in the PI as doctors! But why stop at doctors? Do you really believe that police officers, electricians, teachers, attorneys etc etc from the third world are trained to our standards and can just come to the states and start working in their professions? Of course not....So why would you think doctors are any different? I think some get confused by this because there ARE many foreign doctors working here...But most of them have had their medical training, not necessarily in the Unites States, but other more advanced countries abroad. By the way and I'm speaking from experience on this, the rate you will pay as an American to a third world doctor and the rate you will pay as a citizen of that country are VERRRRRY different. Of course, everyone should have travel insurance, but I wouldn't count on getting every dime back that you have had to overspend to get treatment in say, Honduras. I doubt the insurance company is going to fight too much on your behalf. The way to get seen quickly is to offer a bribe to whoever is working in the office area of the third world treatment clinic you are at...Sorry but that's the reality. Of course, you say (or indicate based on their language capability) something like "I've appreciated all your help so far, I would appreciate any help you can give me to be seen quickly"as you hand them the cash. Some people have a real problem with this, but it's just the way it works in most of those countries. Good luck getting your bribe money back from your travel insurance company lol. Also, good luck with the language barrier. Most in the Philippines speak english as their second language...But the PI is a rare exception. I doubt most facilites in Honduras have a pool of people on hand to happily translate for you, so enjoy working out your bill, treatment etc with them when you can't even really communicate. Aren't alot of you sort of forgetting this one "little thing"? Whipping out your "travel insurance" card and presenting it to them is probably going to do you about as much good as presenting your AAA motor club card to them. Of course, everyone should have the travel insurance. But so many seem to think that if you have it, it's the end all answer to all your problems if you are in this situation...I would think again.

In my humble opionion, there are two very different arguments that are wrongly being combined into one BIG argument when it comes to this gentleman. Number 1....Should he have been made to leave the ship in, of all places, Honduras? Most on here obviously don't seem to have much of an issue with Carnival for making him do so. Rich, myself and a hand full of others are in the minority on this and don't feel he should have been. There are dozens of facts and arguments to support BOTH sides and a healthy (no pun) debate about this has been good, I think. I think both sides have expressed their opinions on this enough where it probably is time to let it go lol. But that's not my place to say if folks want to keep posting about it.

Number 2...Did Carnival do everything to make sure the man and his family got to as decent as possible medical facility, hotel or whatever else they needed once they were made to leave the ship? Did they help him make travel arrangements back to the states (and I know we can debate until Christmas as to whether or not they should have helped him with the fare if he was in a bind). From what I can gather, their treatment of him after he was off the ship was probably about a D+ at best. Maybe it was an A+ and we just haven't heard Carnival's side yet, but somehow I doubt it.

I'm sure, as with most things in life, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Thanks to everyone who has particpated in this issue.
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