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but the cruise line insists, against your will and your judgment on throwing your loved one off the ship and putting him or her at the mercy of third world medicine which you consider totally inadequate. That is the issue! Either ashore or at sea, the patient should have some say except in the most dire of circumstances.

When you sign a contract you agree to terms- you give something to get something. When you travel with pretty much any cruise line you agree to give up control over certain decisions and to let the captain make those decisions for you. That includes the say to your medical treatment. If he had had travel insurance then he very well may have flown home THAT day and been treated immediately.

And I have been on board when there was a medical emergency. We diverted back to our last port because that was closer. The captain then went faster than normal in an attempt to get us to the next port with some time left to spend there. Many people spent that day seasick-my dh was one of them. He didn't complain, just dealt with it because he wanted the person taken care of. We had very little time in port but didn't complain because we wanted the person taken care of. I have sympathy for many but wonder where the common sense is. My grandmother died 3 weeks shy of 100 and I have no problems helping people who need help. But she would not have gotten in a tour boat at her age, much less a cruise ship. She also would have turned down your help because that's what family is for-to help. She would have suffered alone if I wasn't nearby. People need to take all things into account and make decisions based on what is likely, not what they would like to have happen. If I cruise to a place with imperfect medical care and am in need of said care, that is my decision and mine alone. I do not expect others to do for me what I can do for myself. That's how I was raised and how I am raising my dd. I think that is part of what is wrong with society- no one knows how to care for themselves.
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