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This made a great article as you can see on our front page.

By the way - here is a new one: DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR

OK, this may be more information than you need, but at my tender age (50s) I can't wear the skintight briefs I did when I was young. "My boys need a house" in the famous words of Kramer.

But my underwear is surprisingly bulky, because I like the boxer-briefs, all cotton. Anyway, you get seven or eight pairs of those in your suitcase and it is pretty sizable amount of room.

How much would you pay to have that extra suitcase space back at the end of your cruise? How about less than 75-cents/pair? Here you go...


Yo!Brief Disposable Briefs $3.50 per package of 5

Made of extra soft polypropylene, Yo!Brief disposable underwear briefs for men feature a convenient front opening and elastic leg openings. 1/2" wide elastic waistband ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Every package contains 5 white individually wrapped briefs.

Quality, comfort, and convenience in a neat little package (about the size of a postcard).

Nevermind laundry-wear & discard!

Wear while traveling, camping, before or after a workout, hospital stays, dorm stays, spa visits-Perfect for everyday.

Handy whenever laundry is past due-Or just keep as backup in your gym locker or gym bag.

Why polypropylene?
Polypropylene is a modern synthetic performance fabric. It is widely recognized for its ability to wick away perspiration and moisture, keeping you dry - and comfortable.

Polypropylene is commonly used to produce activewear & sportswear, socks, and thermal underwear. Benefits include:

• Very rapid drying
• Wicking properties help to warm in cold weather and cool in hot climates
• Odor resistant
• Stain and mildew resistant
• Strong and durable
• Very lightweight and comfortable

package of five: $3.50 (plus shipping). They have products for ladies, too.
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