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Default Re: leaving on monday...any last minute suggestions?

Just returned from the Legend. Pack a travel alarm clock there is no clock in the room, a power strip cause there is only one electric outlet, a night lite cause the cabin lights are too bright and it's pitch black without. Extra batteries for cameras, sunblock and aloe gel, plenty of film or a large digital card, your prescription and non prescription medications, immodium AD ( void eating fruit in ports I made that mistake) Bonine or non drowsy dramamine (I took just 1/2 tablet before bed each night starting the night before cruise and it worked like a charm) A sweater or jacket if you get cold, air conditioning is sometimes cold in the dinning room and on deck can be windy. Of course don't forget your tickets, and make sure you have your luggage locked with eather cable ties or TSA approved locks. Prepare to have a great time!!!
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