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Originally Posted by richstacy
You just repeat yourself. The same old arguments, all amounting to blind acceptance of authority and very little respect for patient input into critical decisions. You don't address the logic of the countervailing arguments at all or acknowledge the possible merit of them. And you just like to argue. I have noted your opinions and though I disagree, I do appreciate your participation in the discussion. I've said all I have to say on the subject.
hello kettle, I'm Pot calling you black

I'm done also. We probably need it locked at this point. Obviously there are two sides to this discussion and hardly any middle of the ground participants.

Its all about opinion...remember opinions are like butts, everyone has one.

Were all for the most part, friends. Perhaps before we say things we'll regret over somthing none of has control over, we should let it die here.

Do as you wish, its been entertaining, but i'm done.

Happy cruising all
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