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Default Which is your favorite caption?

Okay we have 15 captions here is what I will do I'm post 8 now and 7 in a few days on a seprate thread. Vote for your favorite. The winners of each thread will go head to head. Thank you for all the captions they are all so funny.

Caption A
"Here kitty, kitty......let me show you how my favorite wrestler does The Flying Burrito!"
Caption B
We are outta here until somebody puts their shoes back on!
Caption C
I ask for a nice toy and all you give me is a stupid dog!!
Caption D
What did I do to deserve this?
Caption E
Buddy Boy, aka, Flavious Maximus, enters the arena and sizes up his opponent.........
Caption F
It just sits there and watches me!
Caption G
Buddy Boy says "Where do you think you are going? I'm talking to you?"
Caption H
Buddy Boy says "i gotta get a piece of that pussycat"
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