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Originally Posted by paul1815
Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
No, I think the accountant thing does that for you.
Hey! No poking fun at my profession! :o

How about this old poem I did, would it win?

The bitter old man and aged woman
The aged woman and the bitter old man
Meet today to discuss their plan
Gloomy, gray skies blanket the place
Soon it will rain on the human race

Pale white flowers on her hat pinned up
Thin lips that drank from a bitter cup
Her eyes are thin and black with age
Emotions bound in her heart’s cold cage

His scarf is ragged and boots are thin
Heavy old coat from a garbage bin
Wanders the streets without a wage
Views the world with a heart of rage

Darkness, quiet and trash from homes
Familiar paths he often roams
Tonight they meet near end of way
To tell the world to get away

Lives of losses while others win
Some through chance and others sin
Losing all, in manners absurd
Never seen or ever heard

This night is special for them…and us
End of things without a fuss
Take her hand and move along
Follow angels’ sweet soft song

We lose out on what they know
End of the scene; end their of show
Walk this path we all must do
Watch them go…soon you will too

Very touching and emotional...
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