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Grand Cayman has all the shopping right when you get off the tender. North and South landing are right across, but Royal Watler is a short walk. I fould gold to be expensive in Grand Cayman. I was looking for a gold necklace and they wanted around $300 for a 14KT necklace, which I said no to and bought one at home for $200 instead!!!! I saw a stingray pendant (in gold) I wanted, but when I saw the price, I passed. Even with 50% off I don't know if I would be willing to pay that price (full price was $339 US).

Cozumel has a mall attached to the Punta Langosta pier and there are silver/gold sellers in there, so you might find a good deal there. My tastes have moved from silver to white/yellow gold and diamonds (preferably Canadian mined/cut/polished/set diamonds).

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