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I would ot have it any other way. If I had to go on a Fantasy class ship I will book Cat 12 cabin only. Any other ship, balcony or nothing.

I came back recently from a seven day on the Conquest and I had seven days of very little sleep. My mother snored all night and I am alight sleeper. I would wake up and chances are likely I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. I found that I would wake up anywhere from 5am-6am and just sit out on the balcony for a while (anywhere from 20 minutes to 90min+) and then get dressed and go for breakfast around 7am. I was up around 5:15am when we were porting in Grand Cayman and I watched us sail on the south side of the island and then finally anchor well over an hour later.

I also find that the balcony is a nice place to just hang out mid day when you want to get away from the open deck and have quiet time and just read a book or listen to music (on my Zen). It is also a good place to watch sail aways if your side is the side you are docked on. Another thing is after a long day on shore I am so tired I unpack my goodies and just hang out in the cabin for a good hour or so to recharge the batteries enough to go get something to eat....

Suite balconies are even better because they are long and some are HUGE.

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