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Oh what memories I have of Sitmar.* My sister bribed me to go in 1973, she paid $100 of the $350 fare for a 7 day cruise. We had Continental109 way in the bottom in the bow of the ship. We sure could hear the anchor! But the cabin was huge and had 5 closets! But it was so far down on the ship that you had to climb a flight of stairs to get to an elevator. * They used to hang your key outside in the hall and you would just go get it! How things have changed.* The Italian waiters were wonderful and attentive.* an 18 yr * The pasta dishes were so good. They even served the side dishes at the table.* "More peas ?" Yes those white gloves. We loved the ceasar salad and one nite Mario the head waiter said to come back at midnite buffet and he would show us the secret ceasar dressing. We met him in the dining room and he takes out a huge gallon jug of 7 seas dressing!* But I still remember the chicken kiev. We have been on Fairwind Fairsea, Fairsky multple times.* The deck steward would walk us to a chair put the towel on it and tuck us in,* Mario Alselmi the Matre'd visited me in the 80's when I lived in NYC. We stayed in touch with some of the cruise staff as well.* I remember there were no hair dryers and I had waist lengh hair so the cabin steward took me to the bathroom on the deck and let my dry my hair with the hand blower!**The Sitmar officers were also pretty sexy and always willing to dance with the single girls. I still get misty eyed when I hear Ti Volio Bene"* I had some sexy dance partners.* * We got hooked in 1973 from that first trip and have been cruising ever since. I got married and turned my husband on to cruising.* We just returned from Celebrity Millennium and have booked Crown Princess.* I am not expecting much from that ship but it was the only one available for us.* I still have my Circolo certificate and my glasses with the ship etched on it. Remember when you went to the repeaters party you got a highball glass and a picture with the captain.* Oh those were the days.* I miss that cruise line. I wish they would bring it back.* Remember the chimes and announcement for 2nd seating dinner is now being served, We wish you buon appetto.* AH the memories
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