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If you were on a cruise, stopped at a large city where you knew the number of murders since 1976 was over 8,400 people--- the number of murders for last year alone were 181-- and this doesn't count the muggings, robberies, etc nor does it count the ones who were merely wounded and survived--- would you want to get off the ship and go on
a tour, or would you want to stay aboard?? ( I was reading this article in the paper this morning and thinking about what I see, hear and read about the Caribbean and other tourist areas )

If this city happened to be in the Caribbean somewhere it would probably be off the list of stops for all the cruise lines and avoided like the plague by most people.
But this city isn't in the Caribbean or some third world country--- It's our nations Capitol--- Washington, D.C.
Where's the hype, reports on National T.V., the outrage, etc. over the crime in our own Capitol--- But if something happens once in a while regarding somewhere like Aruba, St. Lucia, or elsewhere in the Caribbean, it's news and those places are " dangerous ".
Go figure. We in the U.S. live in a safe country!!!
I've never had a problem anywhere in the Caribbean but use common sense there just as I do at home. But who knows---maybe I've just been lucky or maybe I look so muscular and tough no one wants to screw with me or, possibly my wife looks so mean they won't tackle her !!

Just another note--- Rio has long been noted for it's crime ( maybe it's changed a little in the last few years but I doubt it ) I spent 10 days there and was not robbed or mugged but I did common sense things like find out where I was going instead of blundering around, didn't wear flashy jewelry, didn't flash rolls of money, treated people with respect, etc.
A guide who lived there had went to New York for a few days and was mugged and robbed the 2nd day there. Again, we here in the U.S. live in a safe country!! Be careful when you leave the U.S.--- it can be a jungle out there !!
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