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I'm the sister of Compari who bribed her to go on the first Sitmar cruise in 1973. I had just graduated from college and had $300 in gift money. The cruise cost $285 with airfare from Providence!. She thought there would be all"old people". As soon as we got on and the Itaian crew started with "Ciao, bella...etc " she was hooked. I often wonder if we were impressed with Sitmar and cruising because we were so young and relativily inexperienced. Did the food tast so good becasue we hadn't done much fine dining up til then? Well, after reading some of these messages I think Sitmar was special... I t was definitly a more refined and classy expereince back then. And I hate hate hate how every cruise line now is nickle and diming you and trying to make you spend money for every little thing. When we went before we basically brought tip and cab fare money and maybe a little something to spend on a piece of jewelry. Those crew members and officers were cute and very attentive to us girls and there was always a drama and romance or two going on... The dancing in the lounges was more continental and I loved that... The pasta's - yes fabulous... I'll never forget one of my tablemates- a gentile southern lady of about 70ish back then, declaring that the Pasta with 4 cheeses was "beter then sex!".

Bring back Sitmar now.
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