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Default Re: Triumph Panorama Deck

Thank you BigCraig great review!! I will tell my hubby of the corned beef on rye he loves that stuff. We also love good food so i guess that would be the best part of your review!! Try cruising on the Legend the food was awsome!! I look forward to trying the chineese food!! We are doing a different itinerary San Juan, St. Thomas and St. Marrten. I will definitly have to look into the Blackjack game!! I love to play but never have any luck. i printed out your review so i could keep it on hand (ok i have a file with all the info i find on the triumph or our itinerary ) the way i look at it you can never research too much!! once again thanks


Next up Elation Aug 23 '10
then the Miracle again Feb 7,2011
Miracle '10
Holiday '09
Legend '09
Triumph '08
Valor '07
Triumph '06
Fascination '04
Legend '03
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