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Dateline on Friday night, told of a murder in old San Juan, where a wealthy Canadian man, moved to San Juan and began his foray, into the real estate market. He married a local woman. The killing was attibuted to his wife getting someone to kill her soon to be ex husband, but it the connection to her has not been proved yet, although the killer was sentenced to life.

During the program, they mentioned that Puerta Rico, has THREE times the murder rate than NYC! I mentioned in chat, that I had always felt safe there, and now, would just be "more" alert, there, and in other ports, since I am in a vacation mode, and we know the locals are just living their regular daily lives.

Years ago, the U.S. Navy, when docked in St Thomas, advised the sailors not to go into port. I also know a woman who's Mom, owned a condo there, who was shot, along with others while going to a restaurant.

We all need to remember to just be alert at all times,and if a red flag gooes off in your mind, act on it. Even in Paradise, there are things we need to look out for.

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