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I started a diet before I found out about the cruise. I have already lost a size in pants, and have every intention of keeping on. I sure don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe just for the trip. New is nice, but when travelling, you want to be confortable. I am planning on going with 90% black and white with maybe a splash of red, or as someone has said, yellow. Everything will mix and match, and everyone will think I brought way more clothes than I did. I have a lot of black and white now. White jeans can be dressed up with a v-neck t, pretty beads, and nice shoes, and voila....dressed up. I have a black and white print voile layered skirt, that by golly, I might have to take a tuck in it, but it goes for sure, with a longsleeve white shirt, that can go with black or red under it. I have seen some things that would be perfect....i want a slinky black number for formal night.....I have one that is not black, but not sure if it will fit. I always pack light, and never wear everything I take, so just so my family doesnt go Ewwweeeee.....I have to mix and match.
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