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This makes me think of a recent cruise I was on: We were having dinner in Portofinos (RCI) ... when in comes about 5 Captains of the ship(wearing uniforms), they sit down, order and drink about 8 bottles of wine through out dinner!!! I could only hope and pray there were more captains driving the ship!!!! I was only hoping the ship was not on cruise control and here they are at dinner drunk off wine!!

To the above uptight people complaining about an innocent 19 year old drinking on board- get over it! These people work night and day for an entire 6 month contract without a single day, weekend or Holiday off!! The ship is their work AND THEIR HOME! They dont get to drive home and have a drink after work as you would... they get to walk to the crew deck and are trapped there until their next shift, unable to even go to guest areas. They deserve a life.
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