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Dont book the excursion!! It costs $8 per person to take a taxi to Megans Bay and $4. per person to get into the beach through the gate... You can get there as early as you want and leave as late as you desire- at YOUR liesure!! ... why book an excursion? They only give you 3 hours there! Its just a beach.... a BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS beach!!! Yes you can snorkel, if snorkeling stay to the Right of the beach, there are lots of rocks and tropical fish... Not really coral reefs though. But if snorkeling, stay to the right... you'll see more. Beach chairs are $6 each with a $7 deposit and Floating mats are $8 each with a $10 deposit. There is a cabin looking building with a lunch/snack area and a pretty big gift shop. Of course bathrooms and yes showers.

I was there last Saturday!! Have fun!!!
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