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Default Re: Shore To Ship Communication - Princess Cruise Line

Originally Posted by nvabill
Does anyone know the procedure to call the ship from shore for Princess Cruise Lines? Sailing the Caribbean Princess on March 23rd and can't find anything on their sight. Any help will be appreciated!

For all ships in the Princess fleet, call 1-900-329-SHIP (1-900-329-7447) from the United States or 1- 1-900-565-2800 from Canada to bill your telephone.* Calls can also be charged to a credit card in both the United States and Canada by dialing 1-877-656-7447. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card (not Canadian) are all accepted. The cost for each call is $8.95 USD per minute or $11.95 CAD per minute.

Make sure the person calling knows your ship name and room number in order to have their call correctly routed.

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