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actually, no there weren't any umbrellas... weird right? but there are trees for you to sit under for shade.

You have to go to that cabin building, go into the souvenir shop, pay for your chairs and leave your deposits, etc... she gives you a paper, you then bring it to this shack near by, give him your paper stub, he gives you your chairs and you have to drag them to wherever you want them.. at the end, bring the chairs back, he stamps your paper, bring the paper back to the gift shop- she gives your deposits back. I highly suggest renting the floating mats!! I did and I fell asleep floating on the water basking in the sun, it was so beautiful calm and just paradise!! I literally fell asleep for over a half hour, woke up drifted a short ways away and for a split second- had no idea where I was!! waking up in the ocean is scary!! hahaha but so worth the money, rent the mat!!

I have been to Megans bay when it was over crowded 3 years ago, and this time- last week, for whatever reason, there werent many ships in port, there was hardly any one there! Just the way I like it! And NO you do not have island people hunting you down to rub lotion on you or braid your hair... thank god! Not at all there.
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