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Now I'll have to watch what I say because I find on this board if you say something negative about Carnival you are usually slammed but I'll I'm ready for them
Our room was probably the worst room on the ship. We had a balcony on Deck 8, right below the Lido eating area. It was incredibly noisy at all hours of the day and night. Because I'm familiar with Carnival and their Vacation Guarantee we went down and told them of the problem. We were told there were available rooms but they would have to wait until we got to San Juan as more people were getting on and then they would be able to see where one would be available but it wouldn't be a problem. They acknowledged that it was a problem on the ship and also gave us the standard 10% off our next cruise coupon. To make a long story short once we got into San Juan and I asked where we would be moving to they told us there were no more rooms available. When I told them that I would have used the Vacation Guarantee if they did not mislead us the snotty purser then copped an attitude and would not let me speak to her supervisor. I have registered a complaint with Carnival and with my travel agent who is now taking care of it. They will have to do a lot more than 10% to get me back on one of their ships.
Now before someone starts taking shots at me, let me just say that this was my 4th Carnival cruise and the first time we have ever had a problem (not including the time 400 people including my husband ended up with e-coli (sp) in '99...I had a good time though ) If they had handled it differently I probably would not be complaining. I feel we were misled right from the start. We did encounter some other problems but I think that we noticed them more because of our lack of sleep. Now don't get me wrong, we were able to sleep just not in our room! There are 2 wooden benches on deck 6 forward on the observation deck that we were able to sleep on.

Don't worry, I'm sure you will have a great time as I always have in the its just a matter of principal for me.

Have fun
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