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Ok I never said it sucked, if you read my response above I defended the 19 year old who wanted to drink when every one else was bashing her for being irresponsible while "working". I said crew work for 6 months at a time, you cant expect them to be "on the clock" that whole 6 months, they deserve a life!! I know what goes on below decks, I have plenty of inside info.. I just find it unfair that crew are restricted so much above deck. Its not right.. No I dont think you should be getting down with guests in clubs and going back to their cabins, thats obviously wrong as employees, but simply walking about the ship on your off time, maybe lounging at the pool... i see nothing wrong with that and the restrictions shouldnt be so harsh.

I was offered a 1 week nanny job a few years back for RFamily (Rosie Odonnel).. it was a one week job..I was to work 40 hours in childcare and the rest of the time I was to be a guest and ejoy the cruise... I think thats how it should be for all employees... with obvious common sense to be used. whats so wrong with thinking that?
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