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Hmm from inference from all your posts (esp the 'overworked' thead) , it sounded like we crewmembers are really getting a raw deal . . . . which I don't think we are.

I've worked in the hospitality industry since '78 and ships from '01. I still don't think it's proper for an employee to be using the facilities they work at in off times when the guests are there. And living on ships for the past 7 years . . I can say they give us ample space and time to play. I'd so much rather be hanging at certain places ashore that at the onboard pax pool anytime . . . but that's just me (and oh so many of my crew mates).

for the record - I was on the NCL Sun in 2002 for the Rosie's first Atlantis cruise - in fact . . I was running sound (and still have the recordings) of her first stand up after 'coming out'. I'm quite aware of how that charter allowed crew access to areas of the ship that they normally aren't. And can tell you from personal experience that not all the crew or management were happy with that. And that mix of pax is a whole 'nother story as to what normally cruises on your average cruise line.

Believe me when I tell you that if too many crew are 'out' at night - ratings and comments go WAY down = and those are metrics that folks onboard and shoreside don't want to see!

If you go to a high end cruiseline (Regal, Silversea, Crystal) - many of the staff are encouraged to go out and socialize - even to the extent of free drinks every night.

again - don't speak for me . . . I'm just a crew member . . .

after a couple months, I don't want to be 'hanging out' and relaxing at work - so much better off the ship! and that's where you'll find US!

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