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[edited for inflammatory content]

Cruise Value Center ... has horrible customer service!
The price listed when booking online is the final price. No price adjustments available after booking online. Which means if your cruise has a price drop, Cruise Value Center will not honor it. If they do, they discourage you by imposing a $50 p\p fee.
Cruise Value Center charges a $50 per person fee for changes, if you misspell your name ouch! They will charge you for it.
Cruise Value Center will impose a $75 per person fee for cancellation plus any penalty from the cruise line.
Cruise Value Center will offer you shipboard credit at time of booking and will change it after booking, stating they made a mistake.

Even though this consolidator offers cruises at reasonable prices, I would rather spend my money on friendly, honest, caring Travel Agent.

Needless to say that we will no longer be using Cruise Value Center.
My recommendation....STAY AWAY!!!!!!!
Best of luck to anyone who uses Cruise Value Center.
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