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Default Re: snorkel equipment

Patticake......what I've found is that it really doesn't matter what brand or how expensive your mask is (for casual snorkeling); what's important is the fit. Try out the masks before you go....a leaking mask could ruin your experience. You can try it out in a pool, or even the bathtub! We had to buy 4 different styles/brands of masks to get decent fits for my family......even then, my younger chld had such a narrow face, he had some leakage problems. In Belize, he used one of the masks provided, and it fit just fine! On our Mexican Riviera cruise, we took an excursion and the snorkeling equipment looked old; I was skeptical. We each found a mask that didn't leak! So, you just can't tell by looking or by the price.

For those worried about germs, you can just buy a snorkel if you don't want to spend money for the mask.
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