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Originally Posted by mehawk
Originally Posted by Sassy2005
Well I appreciate all the help. The advice really did help because I had to break it to my husband that he can't wear jeans in the dining room, and he needs to go buy slacks. I even gave him the link to the Royal Caribbean oage that described what is "formal," "smart casual," and "casual." He was not happy, but he could probably use some slacks!
Another one I don't understand... <shaking head> why is it so tough to dress up somewhat??
Because ... some ... of ... us ... don't ... feel ... comfortable ... dressed ... up. I have to dress up for work, when I am outside of work I WILL not dress up. I hate it, I am uncomfortable in it. Maybe you like it, maybe it feels good to you, maybe it makes you feel good about yourself. It doesn't do that for everyone.

I think dressed up is ugly. I think most women when they get dressed up for a formal occaision look FAR worse than they do on a normal every day-to-day basis. I think formal clothes are by and large unatractive.

It is simply cultural differences, and there is no right or wrong within that. Oh, rules of modesty should always apply I would think, but beyond that, whether it is a tux or jeans and a polo, or (my prefered dress) khaki shorts and a polo, what difference does it make? It is just clothes! It is just simple cultural differences, there is no moral right or wrong in it.

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