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Originally Posted by LisaK
As for your point about formal wear i have to totally disagree with you on that point, i think that my husband looks so dapper and sexy when he gets all dressed up and i feel very special and extra sexy when i get all dressed up in a form-fitting halter gown cut low in the back with a slit up to the knee
And that is ok that you feel that way, I don't sit in judgment over that, it is simply a difference in socio-cultural views. I have no problem with people who like to dress up. And I will wear slacks/shirt/tie for formal night - but no jacket, and definately no tux. My point though is that those who are nazi's about fancy dress around here generally act as though there is something inherantly or morally wrong with those of us who care for a more casual look. I take offense to that very ethno-centric and narrow minded opinion. Preferences are just that, preferences. And if your night is ruined because someone else chose to wear jeans then you are far too uptight.

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