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Originally Posted by LisaK
HoustonTodd- when you cruise you KNOW that the cruiselines have specific dress codes for dinner and out of respect for the cruiseline, the cruise personnel and your fellow passengers you are expected to follow those guidelines. Most cruiselines offer casual options for formal night so that you don't have to get dressed up if you so choose.
As for your point about formal wear i have to totally disagree with you on that point, i think that my husband looks so dapper and sexy when he gets all dressed up and i feel very special and extra sexy when i get all dressed up in a form-fitting halter gown cut low in the back with a slit up to the knee
You're saying you dress out of respect to please the cruise line, cruise personnel & the passengers? WOW ! Like they really care how you dress. The only thing the ship personal care about is how happy you are so they'll get their tips. I dress for how I feel what is appropriate & if it isn't up to the so called standards of other passengers in the DR it's to bad their meal is degraded because of it. They've got other problems if my dress isn't up to their idea of what my appearance should look like.
If dressing up makes you feel special, then do it every evening of you like but don't begrudge others for not doing so.
When they start offering the same exact food at the buffets is when I'll stop eating in the main dr.
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