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Kenish is right about the walking. Your husbands foot surgery is a concern. i don't know the severity of it, but I imagine any foot surgery is going to be painful and sore. There is considerable walking, not just on the ship, but getting off the ship and walking to tour buses or around port.

My sister has a knee problem but neither she nor I thought it would be a problem for she is able to work and walk to the car, and around town.

Our ship was delayed in Vancouver and we had to wait in the convention hall of the Pan Pacific Hotel. When it was time to board it was a very
long walk through the halls and down to ship level for we had already been shuffled from one hall upstairs to another one and finally to the convention hall down stairs. This was not a problem for the rest of us but it became apparent she needed some help. We rented a wheelchair (very pricey) that you can take on board and it will be picked up from your room at the end of your cruise
Also, when we docked in Skagway our tour bus picked us up at the dock, no problem there, but we elected to see a little of the town after our tour. We inquired about our ship and was told the ship at the end of the street was our ship. After tourning the town we started walking toward the ship only to find out that was not our ship. Ours was the 3rd one down, which was about a mile from where we were. We had to get a taxi for she couldn't walk that far. Our Taxi driver told us he could not go through the gate and would have to drop us off at the gate. Two blocks to the boarding area.
I know this doesn't sound like alot to the average person, but to some one with a knee, back, foot problem it can really put a damper on the whole experience.
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