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The concerns that people have are understandable BUT I think we need to keep a certain perspective on this topic. My thoughts? For my cruise I have to travel in a car to the airport. I then have to travel in an airplane to another airport. Then travel in another car to get to my ship. Then travel out of the country for 5 days on the ship. After I return I need to travel in a car from the ship to the airport...I think you get the idea. I could fall down my stairs, get in a car accident, a plane crash, get mugged in a parking lot, get shot, trip and fall in front of a bus, have a heart attack or maybe not even wake up the day of my cruise - all before I even get on the ship that would take me to swim with the rays in G. Cayman where there is a CHANCE that one of them may harm me. We take chances every single day. Looking forward to swimming with the rays!
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