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First off... welcome to CruiseMates. And delighted that you chose to post and join in the discussions.

I'm on the boards A LOT and it's VERY rare to find any posts which are discrimminatory in any way.

However, if there are posts which any reader find offensive there is a Report a Post feature, to click on and report such posts.

Now... what one person may take offense from is not necessarily something that is removed, unless it is a violation of our Terms of Service.

People are allowed to voice their opinions, even if some may find them controversial. If posts are made soley for the purpose of being disruptive, or are personal attacks they are deleted.

No question, some people can be harsh in what they believe and how they express those opinions, but if they aren't personal attacks , whether they are right or wrong, it is acceptable to post them in response to a conversation or to express a differing opinion.

I think it's interesting that most complaints about cruising are actually complaints about other cruisers actions, rather than about issues with the cruise lines.
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