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Default Cruise Recommended Shops

Never have I seen so much "pushing" of certain shops while on the Galaxy..and people following the "advice" Normally we don't do the Caribbean island and I was absolutely disgusted by the crass behavior of these "touts" on the ship... Then again,it seems most people go to the island to shop for jewelry, cameras, watches, and china..Many years ago we were spending a week in St Thomas and I brought my price list of what I was then collecting..and was able to with prior knowlege of prices...get a good price on an item that had been in the store for years. In the Grand Caymens ran across other collectible from the same company in the UK and only because I knew their exact value was I able to snap up a bargain (items were till sealed from the back room) The pressure in these shops is incredible..Parrot Pop and I tell the story of my going into one well known show to look around.. and seeing my actual birthstone, Alexanderite.. when I asked the price for three tiny, tiny stone you would have had to be there to pick me up off the and this chain was "RAVED" as the best prices...yah.. right.. Know your prices before you go..
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