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My bug bare is the feelings of new members particularly.
All new members are always welcome. The VAST majority of posts on the message boards are useful and helpful cruise information, where the members of the community voluntarily exchange first hand information about cruising.

However, with the thousands and thousands of people who post on the boards, one would be naive to think they aren't going to encounter views that differ from their own.

Afterall, that's why there are so many different cruise lines, with different approached in existance. Not everyone is looking for the same things in their vacation experiences. And not everyone will be satisfied the same way, even in interpersonal reactions onboard.

One shouldn't take offense with "derogative comments", because often they are only judged so from your own perspective. If people think the comments are unfair and have a reasonable arguement to make everyone should feel free to join in the discussion. Those types of discussions are helpful and part of the purpose of the boards.

Labelling those opinions we don't agree with using "tags" just tries to sterotype them, rather than discuss the issues.

All of that said.... to post on public boards where there's bound to be differing opinions does take a combination of bit of a thick skin, and a bit of patience for people who may not agree with all your own points of view.
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