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Default Re: Buying medicine in Mexico

I am a GA nurse and I have been to and bought medications in Cozelmel three different times.

I just read an article on yahoo news last week that medications bought in Mexico in small, 90 day supply or less, quantities will still be tolerated.

Two words of caution:

The drugs you buy in Mexico may NOT look the same as their American counterparts. They may be a different shape and or color.

Secondly, they will be labeled in Spanish, so go on the net, find the name of the drug that you wish to purchase and get the Spanish name. This is to ensure that you get what you went for.

The drugs I purchased were packaged by American Pharmacy's (MerK, eli Liily, etc.) I put them right in my shopping bag and was never questioned when I returned to the ship.

There is also now a Mexican Pharmacia in the cluster of shops right there at the pier. It was a busy place.

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