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No counting calories, just my meal plan - two years and counting, 95 lbs. down. I am not going to blow it for anything, anywhere. I was really curious about the weight gain and food stories that are legend- my nephew gained 15 lbs. on his first cruise. Then 2 friends told me they didn't gain a lb., they just ate like they were at home, no need to be a glutton - though we buy the ship, we pick and choose what parts of the ship we want. And for least on the Ecstasy, the chocolates on the pillow were easy to pass up. I saw someone post a picture of some petit fours that the room steward put in their room - what ship is that on! I kept thinking, maybe on the last night we get the petit fours - but nope, same old blah chocolate.

With all the walking, all the water (soda card not worth it), all the activities, swimming, tours, I ate everything I wanted and came back a tiny bit lighter than when I left. My daughter did not gain an ounce. And we had a BLAST.
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