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Default Speaking of Entertainment


I have been on 7 cruises in the last 5 years. By far the best entertainment I have seen was on the Disney Magic....and its not just for kids although it is clean entertainment. Their production shows were engaging and very well done and unless your mind is in the gutter, you would have to at least appreciate all the shows if not be highly well entertained all the way through them. Mostly just 1 show a night though plus a movie theater and all the bars with music. A 2nd nightly "main" show would be nice even if it were just a comedian or magician. So they had about 8 main shows in 7 days but almost all were spectacular.

My one Carnival cruise I have been on was on the Pride just last month and I was very disappointed with 3 of the shows but the song and dance team was excellent and two of the comedians (acts) were good but three of the shows were really kinda lame. One nights show was the newlywed game and it was the worse I've seen although it had its moments. So that rates them at 4 out of 7 that I rate as good entertainment. I hate it when a game show that relies on the guests is one of the nights main venues. Cruise lines should not get cheap on us and stop paying to fly in prefessional entertainment. They are in the entertainment business after-all. Game and talent shows should be a secondary venue combined with a professional act each night. Doing that is obviously a way to cut back.

Of course when I say lame I don't mean the entire show...there are always moments that are at least a little entertaining.

So my main issue with cruise entertainment is that I would like to see MORE entertainment venues per evening rather than just one main show a night. This would solve two problems, if one of the two nightly shows is not very good or not some guest thing, then all would not be lost as there is a 2nd show before or after dinner.....thus making a complete evening for the guests. It would also provide a spectacular night for some of the guests if both shows happen to be a hit. If there was a cruise line in particular who consistantly has two main shows a night, each one showing twice so both dinner seatings could catch them both....please let me know. Then these combined with the game show venues... I think would be a good thing. I am thinking Princess is most likely to do this.

The two Princess cruises I did on the Star and Grand were the only times I have seen it where there was consitantly more than one main venue per night. But I haven't been on Princess for 2 1/2 years. Is this still the case? I hope they still do this and have not cut back on the number of venues. I remember between dinner, we literally had to run from one end of the ship to the the other to catch all the shows. It was fun. We loved that. One night I think they actually had 3 main venues and a late night comedian on a sea day. I would not say that each and every show was great throughout the cruise, but there were some 15-16 main shows per 7 day cruise which means that I can remember a good 10 of them that were really fun and entertaining Much better than 3 or 4 good ones in a 7 day cruise. .... So this makes me want to sail Princess again for that aspect alone. Does anyone know if this is still true for Princess. Any recent sailers of Princess?

RCL Adventure of the Seas had awesome entertainment but just 7-8 shows per 7 day cruise I think. One show was an ice show that was really cool but only lasted I think 20 minutes thus leaving no other shows that evening....just leaving us to the bars or casino or hanging with your new found drinking buddies or of course romancing your wife. But that ice show was on two different nights and so if you saw it the first night, then there were zero shows for you to see the 2nd night. But I can't recall any bad shows of the 7. Just more of them would be even better.

I think the problem is that the cruise lines are cutting back on the venues as kind of a sneaky way to cut costs because there is no way to know what the entertainment venues will be before when you book the cruise or even when on the cruise until you get the ships daily guide each night. I also think it is a way of trying to get people drinking and gambling when there are less organized venues to see..... thus making more money for them. But the cruise lines are in the entertainment business so I hate to see that happening. If I am stuck on a ship each night, I want them to provide all the entertainment anyone can handle. In fact, I am more inclined to buy drinks and those stupid little scratch tickets if I am in a theater waiting for a venue to start.

My 2nd to last cruise was a 9 day on the NCL Pearl which had basically 1 main venue per night. A few were not great but they had half that were good to great. The assistant cruise director was very entertaining and did a few game shows that worked out well thanks to the guests who he was able to really get into it and played the spontanaety for all it was worth. That is a key to a good cruise staff I think, being able to get the guests really into things. Paul was his name and he will make the best full fledged cruise director one day I am sure. So because of Paul and the cruise staff on the Pearl and their abilities to play the audience so well, I was just as entertained with those game show venues as I was with the professional acts. So good job for them. I remember that RCL also did the game shows and deck parties well. But like I said before, more of the same each night would be awesome I think.

My first cruise was on the NCL Sky which is now the Aloha I think and it was 5 years ago. I remember tons of venues just like on the 2 Princess cruises. I expected that on the Pearl but they seemed to have cut back to 1 per night. Does anyone know if Princess has also cut back on the quantity of nightly shows?

So those are my thoughts. I am obviously an A type vacationer and run like crazy in all the ports but really am looking for ships that have the most variety of venues to catch every night. I have also noticed that the daytime activities are not a prevelant. Does anyone know of which ships have the most organized venues and daily entertainment?
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