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Default New Spa Prices for Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Sea's

Hello All,

I'm new to this message board and new to cruising as well. I'm going on my first cruise to the Southern Caribbean in Sept. 08' on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Sea’s. Naturally, as a first time cruiser I’ve had a lot of questions before sailing. I found Royal Caribbean's customer service quite helpful in answering many of the questions I’ve had. All except for one; Spa prices. I found little to no information online about pricing so I decided to give them a call. They instructed me to check the website for a full list of services they offer onboard the ship. Thinking that it would include prices like the excursions do I checked it out. After finding the list with no information at all on costs I called back and another rep insisted that they do not have the pricing information. She explained to me that I would get a full list of services offered along with prices once I board the ship. So just out of curiosity I e-mail their customer service from the link on the Royal Caribbean website. I requested all prices for all Spa treatments for Adventure of the Sea’s for my cruise date; 09/07/08. It took like 3 days to get a response but low and behold they gave me what I asked for.

Below you will find the exact e-mail they sent to me. I’m guessing these prices are probably good for all of 08’ and possibly 09’. I found it interesting how generic and lacking the Spa section of their website is after receiving this information. It seems that a lot the treatments differ from each ship. I don’t know if their website is outdated, but from this e-mail I found that there are some totally different treatments offered that were not listed on their site at all. Again, I really think the pricing should be listed on their site. It would help people plan better before they board. If they can do this for the excursions why not for the Spa treatments? I don’t get it. Especially if they can easily e-mail all of this information to me, which looks to me quite standard. I bet they get this type of request all the time. So as promised here are the current prices for Adventure of the Sea’s Ship Shape Day Spa. Hope this helps everyone:

Thank you for your email.

Steiner Group (Overseas) Inc. operates Beauty/Massage treatments for all Royal Caribbean International ships. The following list is a sample of their onboard services. All prices are quoted in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Beauty Salon:
Shampoo and Finish - From $33.00
Shampoo, Cut and Finish - From $57.00
Up styles - From $50.00
Spa Manicure $44.00
Spa Pedicure $61.00
Acrylic Full Set $83.00
Acrylic Fills $44.00

Spa Treatments:
Inonithermie Algae Detox:
An anti-cellulite treatment to successfully remove cellulite.
With gentle stimulation, we will work on the stomach, thighs and buttocks, firming and toning skin and muscles through the power of algae. Externally detoxifying the body. You will lose 1-8 inches in one treatment.
One session - $132.00

LT Oxygen Lifting Facial:
This anti-aging deep cleansing facial is customized to suit your individual needs. It decongests the eyes to reduce puffiness, dark circles smoothing the appearance of fine lines. It will also, rehydrate all the layers of the epidermis. We guarantee no breakouts! The results will make your skin feel like new.
50 minutes - $109.00

Aromapure (Seaweed Massage):
This is the ultimate number one detoxifying massage treatment in Europe. The detox seaweed mask is followed by a massage on the main areas of tension. This will ease the tension away from your muscles for up to five weeks of relief. Excellent for arthritis, fatigue, muscle spasm and general body cleansing.
One hour and 30 minutes - $176.00
With a Spa Facial - $231.00

Absolute Face & Body Experience:
This exclusive treatment combines reflexology on the base of the feet followed by drainage massage on the calves, firming massage on the thighs, pressure point massage up the back, around the shoulders and on to the neck. This followed by a deep scalp massage and finished with a relaxing 45 minute facial.
One hour and 45 minutes - $176.00

Aroma Stone Therapy:
Harnessing the properties of warm hot stones, we place them on key energy points of the body to harmonize the spirit. The stones give up their power and warmth to tired muscles. Promoting inner peace and tranquility. A firm rhythmic massage with exotic hot oils.
75 minutes - $175.00

Frangi-Pani Scalp Massage:
A specialized oil from Tahiti will carry away your worries and nourish the hair and scalp at the same time.
20 minutes - $26.00

Full Body Massage 50 minutes - $109.00
Deep Tissue Massage 50 minutes - $116.00
Reflexology 50 minutes - $109.00
Aroma Flex 50 minutes - $109.00
Partner-Teach Massage 90 minutes - $242.00
Rasul, Couples Treatment $ 83.00

A suggested 15% gratuity is not included in the above rates. 24 Hours notice must be given when canceling appointments, otherwise a fee of 50% of your services may be charged to your account. Appointments may only be made once onboard the ship and are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Prices are subject to change without notice. All of the above services may be not be available on every ship.

Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International.

Lisa Webster
Customer Service Representative
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