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Default Dawn

Oh, Sue! How was it?? My husband and I, along with 4 other couples, leave on the 6th for a week on the Dawn. Can't wait!

1. Is the pool area as insanely crowded like the pictures depict?? And if so, is there a place in the sun to avoid that?

If you get out early, you will not have trouble finding a chair. There were days that during the middle of the day, there were chairs to be had. These were even days a sea. The pool was not too crowded.

2. How were the bar expenses? Outragious or okay?

I don’t really drink much, but I did order one of NCL’s special drinks. It was $10.00. I did over hear people in the 24 buffet areas talking about their drink bills. They couldn’t believe that each drink that they order was $8.00 a drink. Yes they are expensive.

3. Packing? Was there anything that you wished you had taken that you did not pack?

I used the packing list off this website and did not forget anything. I may have brought too much. The best thing that I brought with me was the over the door shoe organizer with the pockets. As you start packing and using things everyday, put things in the compartments, you will have everything you need when you leave for the cruise. Bring an extension cord/power strip. You don’t need hair dryers or shampoo. In the showers they have shower gel and shampoo.

4. What did you do at the shore excursions?

At Tortola and Samana we took the island tours, I think they were called “The Best of “. To be honest, I did not care for most of the islands. The Dominican Republic is very underdeveloped. The few shops we went to did not even take American money. The beaches are beautiful, but the waves were so huge that the beaches were shut down; no one could swim or go into the ocean.

5. What restaurants stand out?

We liked Cagney’s steak house. We did not eat at any of the other pay restraints. The free restaurants and the main dinning areas had nice atmosphere but the food on the ship really surprised me in a bad way. We took an NCL cruise 4 years ago, and the food was really awesome. This time was a big disappointment, no flavor and no menu that I couldn’t have made at home. I had read that the food was no good, but thought I would try it myself, but the other people were right.

6. What was your take on the onboard activities and shows?
And of course, anything that you can add. This is a first for us, so we are newbies going with deer-in-the-headlight eyes!!

We only went to a couple of the evening shows. We sent to the magic show, we went to the dance company show, and went to the variety show. The bar areas also had music. These groups were pretty entertaining.

I was glad to get away and take a cruise, but I was disappointed.
NCL Dawn
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