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Default ugly shoes,

I have the most abused feet on the face of the earth. Years of standing on my flat tired dogs have taken their toll and short of orthotics and a cortisone shot there hasn't been much to help the situation, until today that is. I wandered into my nearby Red Wing Shoe Store (yes the place that specializes in steel toe work boots) and told the people my tale of toe woe.
When I was a child, my grandfather, who was in his 80's back then, was the last of the true shoe cobblers. Of course toward the end of his life, arthritis and old age slowed him down a bit, so he started carrying Red Wing shoes to replace the ones he would make by hand. So I figured if they were good enough for Grandpa, I should give them a shot.

Boy, Red Wing shoes have sure changed in the past 35-40 years. They have really cool orthotics that are working much better for me than the custom made jobs I got from the foot doctor, Really cute sandals and these kind of ugly shoes called Vasque. They kind of look like hiking boots, without the high top of the boot, and they mostly come in dark earth tones, well at least that is what they had in stock.

I really didn't want to buy the ugly shoes, but luckily the staff of Red Wing perservered and patiently coaxed me into taking the leap of faith, OMG I tried these puppies on and they fit like a glove. My feet feel so good, but they look BAD! I guess I am willing to sacrifice fashion for comfort these days. My vanity has surrendered.
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