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Default Re: The Celebrity Difference?

Originally Posted by ncstate7991
I have been on several Carnival and RC cruises. In fact, I just organized a group cruise of 20 people and the group decided that our next cruise needed to be a little nicer. So, my question to you guys is what differences we would see on Celebrity as opposed to a RC or Carnival cruise? Is it worth the price difference? How does cabin size compare? Do you get credit toward Crown & Anchor?

Okay that is a lot of questions ... good luck answering those and providing other information you feel would help. Thank you in advance!!
Just as another suggestion, you might also want to consider cruising on Princess as a step up from RC. Princess has a much newer fleet of ships, when compared to Celebrity, and Princess ships have been very reliable and offer what I feel is by far the best overall cruising experience of any of the mass market cruise lines.

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