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Default Bow Balcoy

Originally Posted by Donna
Have to agree with Kuki, you sometimes get extra noise up in the front, when anchors are lowered, not that problem in the aft...
Donna...wife & I just booked a bow balcony on another line , second room from the end, port side. I noticed these are the last to sell.

Last year we had the same location on MOS, but an inside cabin & I know excatly the noise you mention. It wasn't a big issue to me because I'm an early riser anyway. However for people who like to sleep late, I suspect it will wake them . The rest of the day or night it was a non-concern. In short the bow wasn't a problem for us.

However with regard to an outside cabin my question is this...its our 1st time w/ a balcony...was this a bad choice of rooms or is any balcony better then no balcony? Aft is not available on this cruise so my choices are limited anyway. I'm thinking if its a bad choice maybe we ought to save some money, book inside, and next time book an aft balcony.

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