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Originally Posted by katlady
Well, Venice had me thinking about theme cruises. So I did a web check and found my dream theme cruise. What is your dream theme cruise? Here is mine. I have never cruised Seven Seas Voyager, but I may have to for this cruise. Check it out:

Spotlight on Chocolate

A chocolate lover's delight!

It's truffles and flourishes of chocolate when our annual chocolate cruise sets sail from Fort Lauderdale for seven nights filled with chocolate lovers' dreams. In addition to visiting some of the loveliest ports of the Caribbean, our cruise gives us plenty of time for chocolate experts to outline the history of chocolate (it has strong ties to the Caribbean), the healthful and restorative properties of the confection and, of course, plenty of chocolate demonstrations. From bean to bon-bon, chef Serge Decrauzat of Valrhona chocolate takes us a tasty tour of our favorite confection in all its guises. Whether you like your chocolate bitter or sweet, pale or dark, you'll be an expert chocolatier after we shine our Spotlight on Chocolate for the holidays.
OK, now that I have drooled all over my key board, what is the date on this cruise??? chocolate themes. Its time to bring out the elastic waist bands for sure!!
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