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Kat buying fun dollars worked for me I bought a 25.00 dollar one each paycheck over a years time and now for our cruise on April 26 my fiance' and I each have 200.00 worth of on board credit. I also purchased 180.00 in drink coupons and 30.00 photo coupons so all of our expenses including tips are fully paid for. It takes a load off my budget. I then used an Avon Counting coin jar and save all my coins and I have the night before the cruise hotel room paid for in full all set aside and fifty a night extra spending money all by saving it this way. I can't afford big bills so I budget this way for my cruises and even paid for a Cat 11 suite by paying alittle down each pay period so it never hurt my pocket. It took me a year to pay it off that way but it works for me. You would be surprised how much you can save this way so you have less bills at the end of your cruise.

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