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Kat sign on like Sammy said to the Carnival web site click on gifts and just scroll down each section. The soda coupons can be bought on there for four sodas. You have to wait to go on the ship to purchase the soda all you want card. I have never purchased one so maybe someone else can inform you on that. The Fun Dollars are purchased under gift certificates you click on the dollar amount you want to buy $25 50 100. If you put your address on the information section they mail a really nice certificate in an envelope to your home but then you either have to send them in certified mail to Miami to Carnival to get credit or do what Sammy does turn them in at the Pursuers desk. I have only done that once and did not like the lenght of time I waited at the desk for them to call the Bon Voyage dept back in Miami to make sure they are real & have been paid for. I like to know they got applied so I certify mail them only for peace of mind. Lately its getting closer to our cruise so I just put On Board Credit on the info and do not put the address so they apply it directly only because time is running out to get them mailed to me. I think you have up to three weeks to purchase them before your cruise. You do have to have a cruise purchased or plan on doing so in one years time as they do have an expiration date on them. You can also receive them as gifts. Everything is on the Carnival Cruise lines web site under gifts.

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