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Shame Shame Shame!!!!

I was actually on the Conquest and was appalled at the behavior I witnessed. My husband and I traveled from Australia for the cruise, whilst we were disappointed at not being able to visit Montego Bay, it was reassuring to know that Carnival would do everything its in power to ensure the life and safety of its crew & passengers was provided. We were disgusted with the scene created by the ' Lynch mob" and of the comments made, including those which eluded to a crew members life being less valuable than that of a passenger.

So we had an extra day at sea… we all got to enjoy having our beds made for us, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh and if I was thirsty, all I had to do was snap my fingers and a smiling face appeared with a drink. How lucky we are to be able to experience such luxury, when so many may never have the opportunity.

As a visitor to the USA, it was disappointing to see such behavior. In saying that stupidity does not discriminate. I also met many wonderful interesting people as well, passengers and crew alike who made my experience wonderful. So thank you Carnival.

The captain and his crew should be applauded for their actions, including the US Coast guard who carried the rescue in very difficult conditions.

Three cheers to the captain for escorting those off the ship…
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