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Well, to be different - we stayed on the Queen Mary which is now a hotel
docked permanently in Long Beach. Got the room through my Entertainment Book for $ 99 which was a lot cheaper than through the
TA who really didn't know what to suggest. We flew in the day before
our 14 day full transit of the Panama Canal. The food in the casual
cafe was quite good - the service in the Steak House (or I should say - LACK of - caused us to walk out even before we were seated. Waited
for 20 minutes and no one came to seat us (they were NOT busy). Interesting to walk around the ship - our cabin was down the hall from
the suite Winston Churchill stayed in (we got to peek in). Huge boat
- they say it's haunted but we didn't do the tour to find out. Pretty easy
ride to the San Pedro pier - about 10 minutes I think. Also, I never
use the online hotel services - If I can't reserve with just my credit card
then I look elsewhere. I never prepay especially when my cc covers me
for a possible late arrival.
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