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Default Re: Cruisemate Needed May-Sept 2008 ~ 20s

Originally Posted by Divemaster
Just a tip - look into a Southwest Airlines VISA card with 8 credits at sign up. Run your bills through the card to the amount of $8,000 (paying the card in full each month) and you will have the 16 credits needed for a free flight. SWA does Albany and from there you can get to the Florida cruise hubs. Your best fit is probably Carnival, Western Caribbean. 8)
This is bad idea. I do not recommend this unless you have full control of your finance and money.

In 2007, an average American saved -1.0%. And, 4% rise in productivity, but 100% rise in debts (in 2006, at least there was a +1% saving)

Americans LOVE to spend, but are clueless when it comes to saving. There are ways to get free stuffs w/o spending...have you tried boyfriend?? j/k

consider this b4 opening new credit card acct:

1) annual fee
2) if you close your credit card acct, you will hurt your credit score.
3) each time you open a new acct, you give your creditor/bank permission to sell your private info. have you noticed why you get many credit card mail spams??

and, if you decide to open a new card, get cash back option! 'tis better than above offer.
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