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Default Re: Cruisemate Needed May-Sept 2008 ~ 20s

XCB - agree debt is bad. However, an advantage over cashback is that SWA had their gift card special - 1 credit per $100 gift card w/5 card max. Hence, 8 credits for signing + 5 credits for gift cards (gift to me<g>) leaving 3 for a flight worth about $400. Cost for card = $50, so a RoR much higher than a bank account, stock, or RE investment!

The keyword is control. I'm an auditor, so that is my bag. In my opinion, the only way to fly cheaper is to become the District Attorney of Bexar County and fly using stolen SWA vouchers. That works well until you get caught!<g>

"Proudly giving the Bexar County DA hell in honor of cousin JM Rose, who died in 1836 fighting a corrupt public official named Santa Ana."

Originally Posted by xCalBear
Originally Posted by Divemaster
Just a tip - look into a Southwest Airlines VISA card with 8 credits at sign up. Run your bills through the card to the amount of $8,000 (paying the card in full each month) and you will have the 16 credits needed for a free flight. SWA does Albany and from there you can get to the Florida cruise hubs. Your best fit is probably Carnival, Western Caribbean. 8)
This is bad idea. I do not recommend this unless you have full control of your finance and money.

In 2007, an average American saved -1.0%. And, 4% rise in productivity, but 100% rise in debts (in 2006, at least there was a +1% saving)

Americans LOVE to spend, but are clueless when it comes to saving. There are ways to get free stuffs w/o spending...have you tried boyfriend?? j/k

consider this b4 opening new credit card acct:

1) annual fee
2) if you close your credit card acct, you will hurt your credit score.
3) each time you open a new acct, you give your creditor/bank permission to sell your private info. have you noticed why you get many credit card mail spams??

and, if you decide to open a new card, get cash back option! 'tis better than above offer.
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