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I have the DVD, too. I admit I was a fan of the show back when it first started syndication (1981). I watched it every day.

I suppose there is a reason why shows like that are not on TV anymore, though you can see Seinfeld or "Raymond" any night of the week. They are pretty Kitchy and dated. But at the time the show was actually somewhat groundbreaking because it addressed a lot of issues people didn't talk about opnly very often.

They talked about people sharing cabins before they were married

And letting men experience their "feelings". I think they even had very vague references to gays and cougars (older women who like younger men) though they never refered to those terms directly.

My bio online has this tribute:

Paul's love of cruising is born in a most inauspicious way.

Sitting in his lonely studio apartment, suffering the pangs of a sorely broken heart, he wonders how his life could have gone so astray. He thought everything in life was coming his way, but he was actually just in the wrong lane. Suddenly, with perfect crystal clarity, a brilliant light penetrates the muddled fog of his existence. It has the sound of angelic voices eminating from within.

It is the TV set -- playing reruns from the original 1970s series, "The Love Boat."

His obsession starts innocently enough. Merrill Stubing? ...the wisdom of Soloman. Doc and Isaac? ...lovable buffoons. Cruise Director Julie? ...ohhh, wait a minute. She's different. A guileless ingenue with the courage of her convictions. Paul can't tear himself away, he's learning what women really want. The Love Boat! The Love Boat! Soon will be making another run -- da dee dee dum da!

The Love Boat becomes a life study for Paul, every episode ending in a happy romantic glow. He even purchases one of those brand new fabulously expensive VCRs back when the only movies available are of an adult nature. Paul pretends to like that fare for appearance sake, but he secretly uses the VCR to tape "The Love Boat."

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That's a true story. I will never forget the SHAME when my friends found my copies of the love boat!
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