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Default Mini Suite or Balcony Stateroom???? Help !!!

Hi Folks,

I am just about to book my cruise with Princess Caribbean.Was just wondering about the right choice to make because there is only 75 dollar differ in price between the balcony room and the mini suite.
Does anyone know if the size difference is huge and all the other features if its worth it or not.Its not really the 75 bucks that im worried about,as if the Balcony Stateroom had a better or nicer balcony than the suite-i would take that one.

Would really appreciate any tips/help from you guys that may have been in a suite/balcony room and can help me out.
Also what about the right deck?? I was thinking Aloha??
I would prefer a quieter area,even if it meant a little more walking??

Thanks in advance,

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